Not Above, Not Below.

Confidence isn’t walking into a room knowing that you’re better than everyone. Confidence is walking into a room knowing that you do not have to compare yourself to anyone. It’s not even in your system. There’s no competition with any other person. You’re not above anyone and you’re not below anyone. You can be good enough right now because you’re good enough right now.

If I asked you what a confidence person looked like would you be able to tell me?Of course you would. Head is up, makes eye contact and they stand tall. Anyone can develop confidence. Being confident doesn’t mean you have to be loud. It’s being great without having to be seen. A fucking ninja.

In the last post I wrote about change. In making change you need to have confidence to do so. I heard something today and it really made sense to me. It’s something that I do almost daily and never realized that I actually did it. When you’ve finally built up the confidence to make a change it’s so important to know why you are doing it. You mind will throw up blocks like why the hell would I work toward this, what’s the point, it’s to hard. When you’ve finally built your confidence level up I want you to do this.

Write down five reasons why you deserve it. Why you out of all the people in the world deserve this goal that you have in your mind. Put this in your wallet or purse or back pocket and when doubt hits you, because it will, pull this out and read it.

When I went for the position that I still hold at my company two and a half years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. No confidence in the lingo, systems or even business etiquette and the businessman that sat across the table from me could sense it. My confidence came through in my interview that I was passionate that hands down, without question could and would outwork anyone that wanted to go toe to toe with me.

I was asked why me over the other candidates that were going for my position. I told them that they could put me in a room with no windows or doors with $1000 dollars in a room next door and while the others used their heads to try to break free I would run through the wall to get the money. They next question the Managing Partner asked me was where do you see yourself in five years. I simply said, “Sitting in your chair.” I was hired.

I have a picture of a lion on my desk with the saying “Everyone wants to be a beast, until it’s time to do what beasts do.” Every time I feel like I have nothing to do or simply don’t want to do what I should be doing I read that to remind myself. I am a beast and I promise you that you can be a fucking beast too.

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