Door #1

Knowledge is not power. How you apply it is power. For example the schooling to become a doctor is long and difficult. Years of studying, learning how the body works and what is good and bad for you, yet you still see doctors out there that are out of shape telling patients at physicals that they need to lose some weight to maintain their health. Now this is a generalized example but I think you get the point. Doctors are amazing people and do amazing things. I’m just saying that there are some that know what is good for you yet they are downing a couple quarter pounders when they get a break.

I remember when I first sought help with drinking. I spoke to a few counselors, but everything that they said to me went in one ear and out the other unless…..they went through it themselves. What the fuck was I going to learn from someone that had the knowledge but never had to use it? I can explain to you what a unicorn looks like, but I’ve never seen one in real life. I lived this shit. In the mud, down and dirty.

I understood that most counselors do what they do because they actually care and want to see the people live meaningful lives. I would never have known if they were on the receiving end of the pain that an addict or alcoholic was causing to them. I was never disrespectful by any means I just didn’t listen. Trust me when I say if your an alcoholic/addict you can sniff out if someone has been there before in conversation.

Imagine if I told you, you were allergic to your favorite food. If you walk through this door you will be cured and you can eat as much and how often as you want. If you walk through this other door not only will you stay allergic but you’ll gradually become allergic to more of your favorite foods along the way. Everyone would pick door number one, but it’s that simple. If you really want change then go through door number one. There are multiple doors though. Not all paths will lead you to where you really want to be. Don’t be afraid to walk down that hallway and open the door. It doesn’t always lead to a dead end.I’m giving you the knowledge to know that you can have whatever it is you want in life . You need to take that knowledge and take action. It’s not easy but guess what? Enjoy life now. This is not a rehearsal.If you want to quit. Do it. If you want to make more money. Do it. If you want stronger relationships. Do it. If it’s Monday morning and you need to wake up at 5am to get your workout in… it anyways. Just keep going and doing it. I promise this life is beautiful and so much better than you can imagine.

Love you all

-Go Atlas!

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