Orange Juice

I just finished my last meeting of the day. Driving back home I noticed two kids outside on their front lawn waiving a sign. I got about a half a mile down the road and turned back around to find them still out there doing their thing so I stopped.

“Glass of orange juice for 50 cents!” one of the kids yelled at me. It’s 52 degrees out, I was their first customer all day. I told the kids and their grandparents who were outside, that they might have better luck with coffee as I threw five bucks in their cup and watched the kids lose attention to what I was saying.

The grandfather said, “You know I told them they weren’t going to sell orange juice today being so cold and that they were crazy.You just proved me wrong.”

I told him I respected the hustle and that I used to do the same thing for hours, but this is where it hit me hard. The one kid was looking at the five bucks they made and said to the other “You want to go inside?”

Kid number 2 then replied “It’s not 5 o’clock yet that’s when they start coming home from work.” I was in awe that this little kid was outside grinding waiting for his time to attack.

This energized me and made me feel fresh again. We get caught up in daily tasks we forget our roots and the excitement only five dollars used to bring us. Always be ready to pounce and attack. Make History.

My five o’clock hasn’t hit yet and I’m going to make it happen now. Don’t be the kid that wants to go inside. You never know when someone will pay $5 for a plastic cup of Simply Orange that’s been sitting outside all day.

Love you all and thanks for reading.

-Go Atlas!

This is the actual glass of Orange Juice. 😉

5 thoughts on “Orange Juice

  1. Thanks for this awesome message! Sometimes being reminded of our roots and a glass of OJ is just what the Doctor ordered! FutureBusinessmenOfAmerica! Xoxo


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