Sorry Isn’t Good Enough

Ok, so sorry might be good enough if you forget to hold the door for someone. It’s not always not good enough, but how many times can you say sorry for repeating the same hurtful actions to the people who love you the most? These actions do not have to revolve around drinking or drug abuse, but I truly believe that for most this can be a catalyst for disaster.

After a while your friends, significant other and family will start avoiding you. And it might be as simple as being invited to an event, saying you’ll be there and not showing up. I’m willing to bet that you all have had a friend or family member that you just stopped inviting to hang out because you know they aren’t going to come anyways and if they do they are usually to much to handle.

I have been on both sides, but let me tell you when I was drinking I might have as well not attended majority of the events I went too. You’re never really there when you are faded. I hear it all the time. “How do you have fun not drinking?” I now feel sorry for the person that can’t see beauty in the moment. Dude we are at a fucking amusement park and you’re telling me that drinking gives you more of a thrill? More like liquid courage.

Just like some people don’t understand how I have fun at certain events not drinking I always am curious how people can have a couple drinks and leave it at that. Go big or go home is really how I have lived my entire life. One or the other no in-between.

I can only put myself in my family and friends shoes feeling empathy for what I put them through. It didn’t take long for saying sorry didn’t mean anything. The best apology is changed behavior.Once you notice your friends and family not wanting to associate with you any longer the answer is not repeating the same actions that put you in that spot. Change your behavior and I promise you will be everyones favorite again. The “new” friends that you have made along the way in your social setting are most likely users. Blood sucking leaches that drain you for your worth. Fuck them and protect the bond between your best friends and family. Anyone that spews negative energy your way erase them. Immediately. And that goes for you out there with a friend or family member that chooses to use over you and what’s good for you.

My father took me to the kitchen window over looking my back yard on a cold fall day. All the leaves were gone on the trees. He said,”Do you see that tree right there? That’s your money tree and there’s nothing left on it.”

I said I was sorry. What a joke. He stuck too it though. No more handouts and my parents pretty much said figure it out without saying figure it out! Within four months I was sober.

Please do not turn into the boy who cried wolf. Instead turn into the wolf and lead the pack

Love you all

-Go Atlas

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