Why Wait?

You ever have a list of things to do and you just keep thinking of where to start and which task to tackle first? Ten mins go by before you even start the first action item and then you move on to the second without finishing what you started. You then become so engulfed in the overwhelming feeling of incompleteness in your day that eventually you say fuck it I’ll do it tomorrow. Hello procrastination.

I use this example because I feel most people can relate to simple house hold chores like putting off putting away laundry. If I said you ever blow your savings on booze, got this week’s check and should put it in the savings but a party seems more fun. Wake up the next morning feeling guilty because of the money you pissed away so spend the rest on a bottle to not feel guilty most “normal” people wouldn’t get it.

This really applies to every thing you should do but don’t. If something brings discomfort to you your natural instinct is to turn the other direction. From eating healthy because the food taiste like shit, working out because it legit hurts to putting down the bottle because you start to feel feelings that might be confusing to deal with.

It feels amazing to be present and live in the now. If and only if the now consists of clarity and purpose. You eat healthy and workout so your heart can be strong. You don’t stick a needle in your arm in a parking lot to nod off on a warm summer day.

The point is you don’t have to wait for your “chores” to consume you. Pick them off like Domino’s and tackle the shit out of them. You feel like garbage from the night before? Good today is your day. No need to feel guilty just get up and get yours. You reset everyday to do something amazing with your life.Make the rest of your life the best of your life. Why wait when you can start now?

Much Love,

-Go Atlas

One thought on “Why Wait?

  1. Very good bro, love ya man. Saving lives without knowing it. Sometimes it would be just a few words to change someone’s mind to go to rehab, go to work, take care of family, or any other life changing thing. “Normal” people don’t pop pills to get high instead of what they are intended for, they don’t drink liquor in their coffee in the morning going to work, they don’t do cocaine just to stay up at a party, and “normal” people don’t use their family money on drugs or alcohol when they could buy their kids clothes, sporting events, dance lessons, heat bills, etc. Keep all the good work up my man!!


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