Oh my morning routine. I love and hate you. 4am I’m up. I stumble down the stairs for a cup of coffee and I plan my day for 30 mins then I’m off to the gym. I have turned my car and gym into a library. Don’t get me wrong I love everything about music, but from my days of bartending I had become a master at multitasking. I enjoy music now more at times of rest so I can really pick the song apart.

I listen to self affirmations, motivational speeches, successful leader habits or really anything I’m craving information for. Technology is a beautiful thing. Information at our fingertips. This resets me every morning getting my mind and body in tune in clarity for the day ahead. I am in sales so to me it’s so important to remind myself WHY and what I’m doing every morning. Fresh new day to attack.

I get home, shower, iron my clothes, pack my breakfast, which are pre-made egg muffins, give my wife and son a kiss while they are sleeping and then I take off.

Before I quit drinking I was always anxious about the next event. Who was having what party and how I was going to organize my day around when I could drink. I have evolved to take that problem of having anxious energy and converted it to hunting and gathering. It started back when I was still in the restaurant industry. I would hunt tables or patrons at the bar and gather the money that came with it. I partly believe that the restaurant industry is flooded with addicts and alcoholics not because they can’t do anything else, but because the fast paced lifestyle and the thrill of the hunt attracts us. I have sense left that occupation. The thrill is much greater when you hunt bigger game.

Your only problem is that you think you should have no problems. Everyone who is in recovery has certain traits that are all common. One of which is the feeling of anxiousness. Or being anxious. Being anxious can be a good thing. It’s there for our survival as animals. Rabbits are anxious all the time because they are at the bottom of the food chain. They take extra precautions walking in open areas because they know what can happen. It’s genetically built into them. The same goes for us. Some people have heightened awareness. Am I saying you should feel lucky because you are overly anxious? Kinda. If you learn to control it, it can be a superpower. It’s your mindset!

Since I was a child I have always been over active. Into everything. Teachers thought I had ADHD but really I was an anxious excited kid. Drinking calmed me, but created an animal that acted on animal instincts.

After I quit I slowly learned how to funnel that energy into making money. Fast forward to today. My days are booked during the week so full that I actually look forward to down days on the weekends and I love it that way. My traits eventually led me to a profession which I had no intention on doing and I am not your average performer. I truly believe that I could be put in any role and dominate it, because I have the energy focused from my anxieties to achieve more than the average person. If that’s not a superpower than I don’t know what is!!!

Do I do what I do for the money? Well partly haha but it came from a close friend recognizing my skills and putting me in a position to use which then resulted in fulfillment and gratification. I love the recognition and the way I am rewarded financially by the amount of work I put in. I can not thank that friend enough for opening the door to an opportunity that has given me a chance to shine. All we need is that one chance and sometimes that’s all you will get. So take the bull by the balls and go get yours.

Create your routine, build your discipline and take steps to your goal every single day.

Much love!


3 thoughts on “Routines

  1. Love ya man, keep it up! We’re all going through something daily, weekly, yearly, and even by the minute. A phone call or text can really help a person.


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