New Years Eve.

First off I need to tell everyone a secret. As I start this I need to admit something to all of you. I’m in no way a Doctor, Psycologist, Counselor, know it all, Wizard or magician. If you come to me and ask to me what’s the secret or magic potion for success/sobriety I will have one answer for you. Hard F’ing work. Plain and simple. Also my idea of being successful may be completly different from yours. It’s also ok if your idea of success changes as you mature and your lifestyle changes.

I realize today that I am living someone else’s dream and I’m grateful every day for that. Depression can not live in the same place as gratitude. It’s impossible. And guess what? It’s a mind game. A constant reminding mind game that everyone needs to practice, especially if you are in a dark place. This is where a routine comes in and what better time to start one than January 1st. Everyone needs to start somewhere right?

If you are struggling with depression,anxiety or substance abuse force yourself to write down 3 things you are grateful for. Don’t give me the bullshit that there’s nothing. Dig deep and rinse and repeat for a month.

Well that’s all I have for you today. I’ll be digging a little deeper into routine in the future because at the beginning of my sobriety I truly believe it was one of the most important “magic potions” I had.

Everyone have a safe NYE. I’m grateful for my family,my health and this prime rib Ma Dukes is cooking for dinner!

Thanks for reading!!